Обложка книги Last Minute Meetings

Last Minute Meetings

ISBN: 1-56414-497-6;
Издательство: Career Press

Like so many other projects, chances are it will be thrown in your lap at the last minute and you'll be expected to complete it--as envisioned, on schedule, and on budget. You won't have a lot of time to plan, do research, and make comparisons when you're choosing a meeting facility, making the agenda, choosing speakers, or getting promotions out the door. But you'll still be held accountable for the success of the meeting. This helpful new guidebook provides you with an unprecedented number of up-to-date resources and ideas for each aspect of your meeting: - Tips on how (and why) to pull together all the details and "to-do" items onto one easy-to-read action plan. - Tricks to create a quick, usable budget. - Guides that can easily help you find great, affordable meeting space. - Good advice on how to get vendors to work with you (and your budget).