Обложка книги 3 Acres on the Lake : DuSable Park Proposal Project

3 Acres on the Lake : DuSable Park Proposal Project

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ISBN: 0945323034; 9780945323037;
Издательство: WhiteWalls
Страниц: 128

In 1988, the city of Chicago declared three acres of public land along Lake Michigan the future home of DuSable Park--a green refuge dedicated to Chicago's first settler, Jean Baptiste Point DuSable. The park has yet to emerge, however, and it is possible that these three lakefront acres could be sold to developers. In 2001, Chicago artist Laurie Palmer sent out an open request for proposals, and the resulting artwork became an innovative exhibit. This inspiring collaboration of Chicago's artists, architects, and activists to bring the plight of DuSable Park to the public has now been catalogued in 3 Acres on the Lake . This volume includes fascinating and thought-provoking renderings of the imagined DuSablePark, as well as commentary on the project and other public space issues from many of its contributors. 3 Acres on the Lake will be insightful reading for anyone interested in urban planning, landscape architecture, and the struggle to preserve...