Обложка книги Make Presentations with Confidence

Make Presentations with Confidence

ISBN: 0-8120-9892-7;
Издательство: Barron's
Страниц: 208

This revised and expanded edition covers basic topics related to business conferences, sales presentations, and other business-related information meetings. They include gathering and organizing facts, outlining the presentation, overcoming stage fright, establishing rapport with an audience and keeping them interested, developing the art of persuasion, and much more. "Barron's Business Success" books advise career-minded men and women on how to get ahead at all levels of management, marketing, and other business undertakings. Titles in the series provide a clear sense of how to work successfully within corporate structures, but they also offer valuable information to business people in small companies and to those who are self-employed. Each book is supplemented with case histories and tips from business and technical experts.

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