Обложка книги Presentation Basics

Presentation Basics

ISBN: 1562863479;
Издательство: Amer Society for Training &

Presentation Basics tackles a subject that often frightens and sometimes incapacitates many otherwise confident people giving a presentation. The book?s simple, step-by-step approach guides readers through the entire process from preparation, to creating the right environment, to recovery when things go wrong in a presentation (an inevitable occurrence for even the most prepared an confident presenter). Readers will find 20 solid suggestions on improving presentation skills and a full chapter on where to get more information on the subject of presentation. The book also features a series of recurring icons that function as a learning road map. These icons tell you what to expect in each chapter, provide helpful reminders and important notes about making presentations, and give you 21 basic rules that will help ensure that your presentation are successful. Presentation Basics in the first book in the new ASTD Training Basics series and is designed to be a training...