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Paul Gruhn

Sell More Through Effective Technical Presentations: A Pocket Guide

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ISBN: 1556178395
Издательство: ISA-Instrumentation, Systems, and Automation
Multi-million dollar projects have been won or lost based on a speaker's abilities and presentations. Whether you're an engineer, a technical salesperson, or a marketing guru, giving presentations is a must to get support for your projects or proposals. This easy-to-read, portable pocket guide provides helpful tips and real-life examples on how to give effective technical presentations from a sales perspective. It will help you become a more competent speaker and let you face a crowd with confidence. Author Paul Gruhn, successful entrepreneur, noted author, and recognized technical expert, notes, "A lot of business people don't think presenting is very important; they think it's enough simply to be an expert on their subject. Nothing could be farther from the truth! There's a big difference between a person's competence and their effectiveness - including selling products and ideas - based on their ability to present well." Although a variety of general presentation books...
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