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John Fardell

The Seven Professors of the Far North

Обложка книги The Seven Professors of the Far North

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ISBN: 039924381X
Издательство: Putnam Juvenile
Год издания: 2005
Страниц: 217
Book DescriptionSam, Zara and Ben never expected their vacation to turn into a life-ordeath rescue mission. But when Uncle Ampersand is kidnapped by the nefarious Professor Murdo, the three children must race to the Arctic to save him. Numerous twists and turns put them to the test as they decode encrypted messages, navigate secret passages, scale giant buildings and hurtle over?and under?dangerous ice fields, all the while unsure of whom they can trust. And when they finally discover Murdo?s ultimate plan, they come to a startling realization: It?s not just Ampersand?s fate on their shoulders . . . it?s the fate of the whole world. Detailed maps and diagrams enhance John Fardell?s exciting debut novel, which isoverflowing with suspense, intrigue and high adventure, with wild inventions, narrow escapes and surprises around every corner.