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Sue Spielman, Liz Winfeld

The Web Conferencing Book: Understanding the Technology, Choose the Right Vendors, Software, and Equipment, Start Saving Time and Money Today

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ISBN: 0814471749, 9780814471746
Издательство: AMACOM
Год издания: 2011
Holding meetings, presentations, and other group events over the Web is cost effective and conducive to increased individual and team productivity. Getting started is easier than most people realize, but it's crucial to go in with the right information. The Web Conferencing Book is the ultimate easy-access, all-in-one reference, covering everything businesses need to know about: Equipment, service, and content vendors * IT requirements * Making the business case for web conferencing * Teachingemployees how to use web conferencing * Security issues * Using web conferencing for training and education * Where web conferencing is headed in the near future * Home uses: telecommuting, home business, school * and much more. With this indispensable guide, readers will understand not only how web conferencing works but also how it can work for their business!