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Lilly Walters

What to Say When… You're Dying on the Platform: A Complete Resource for Speakers, Trainers, and Executives

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ISBN: 0-07-068039-6, 9780070680395
Издательство: McGraw-HILL, Inc
Год издания: 1995
Страниц: 310
A heckler is in the audience; the overhead projector breaks; the allotted speech time runs out - these are just some of the panic-producing crises, interruptions, or distractions easily dealt with in this first-aid guide for business speakers. Here, first-timers and experienced pros alike will find everything they need to organize, write, and deliver effective, entertaining speeches - from installations to toasts and roasts. The guide pinpoints every possible speaking contingency - from failed electricity to a bored audience - and for each one tells how to prevent it, what to do about it, and what to say about it. Its treasury of witty, off-the-cuff lines and audience participation devices helps speakers access the perfect words to cover any situation and captivate any audience.