Обложка книги 501 Algebra Questions

501 Algebra Questions

ISBN: 1576854248;
Издательство: LearningExpress

Mathphobic? Most standardized testsueven the GREuinclude a math section, and most math sections have questions on algebra. People going to graduate school for non-math or technological pursuits often panic when they realize that they have to learn or re-learn basic algebra.Civil service examsuwhether to become a postal worker, firefighter, or police officerurequire passing a math component. Candidates can score higher and feel confident about their math ability with the help of thisskills primer.This is essential practice for students who must pass high school exit exams and score better on this often-difficult section of the SAT and ACT.All answers are explained, using short, simple definitions and terms to reinforce math facts. Test takers learn through practice and score better with this book.