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David Perry, Jay Conrad Levinson

Career Guide for the High-Tech Professional: Where the Jobs Are Now and How to Land Them

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ISBN: 1564147436
Издательство: Career Press
Getting the exact job you want with the company you want is either highly improbable or a cinch. It's highly improbable if you play by the old rules, a cinch if you play by the new rules and go about your task in the ways suggested by David Perry in Career Guide for the High-Tech Professional. If you're willing to look upon finding a job as a job unto itself, you're going to reap exceptional rewards from this book. It does not contain shortcuts, tricks, or anything unethical. But it does feature ultra-solid advice along with the rich details of landing the job of a lifetime. Career Guide for the High-Tech Professional is filled with job-finding wisdom and the actual things you must say in your cover letter, on your resume, and during your interviews. Nothing is left to chance. Every detail is covered.
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