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Sydney Rice

Choice Points: Navigate Your Career Using the Unique PaperRoom Process

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ISBN: 0891061738
Издательство: Davies-Black Publishing
What you don't see can hurt you: Hidden habits, unexamined beliefs, and old expectations grow from strategies you've developed to survive. These "silent partners" make change difficult. You feel stuck, trapped in terminal disatisfaction, and hungry for congruence between work and life, according to career coach Sydney Rice. CHOICE POINTS shows you how to create the career you want and maintain control over success and quality of life. Join Rice's clients in tracing work and life paths through discovery in The PaperRoom (TM)--Rice's groundbreaking inquiry process for career exploration and discovery. Rice's proven, user-friendly tools optimize effectiveness. You'll make invisible assumptions appear, acknowledge successes, and develop strategies that meet needs and values as new options blossom. Personal inquiry exercises will uncover blocks to change, then stretch old thinking with new practices. Scanning for content and context of current and past work, focusing on what's most...
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