Обложка книги Effective Teamwork: Ten Steps for Technical Professions (NetEffect)

Effective Teamwork: Ten Steps for Technical Professions (NetEffect)

ISBN: 0130485276;
Издательство: Pearson Education

Approaching teamwork from the technical professional's perspective, this comprehensive, hands-on manual provides a ten-step model for effective teamwork and covers the essential teamwork principles with simulation cases in every chapter. The volume addresses the three types of team?work teams, improvement teams and standing committees?as well as the factors that work against effective teamwork, the character traits that promote effective teamwork and team leadership principles. The volume outlines a ten-step model to effective teamwork, establishing direction and goals, clear roles and ground-rules for teams and accountability, as well as developing team-leadership skills, communication skills and conflict-management skills. The volume also teaches how to establish a well-defined decision-making process and empower team members, positive team behaviors, recognize and reward team performance and make teamwork part of the culture. For engineers, architects, manufacturing...