Обложка книги e-Resumes : A Guide to Successful Online Job Hunting

e-Resumes : A Guide to Successful Online Job Hunting


ISBN: 0764128965;
Издательство: Barron's Educational Series

Originally titled Resumes in Cyberspace, this brand-new edition has been completely updated to keep pace with latest trends and developments in job hunting and career development opportunities via the Web. It gives job seekers advice andstep-by-step instruction on how to create the perfect electronic resume, which can be sent virtually anywhere in the world from one?s home computer. The book?s list of web sites accepting e-resumes and offering jobs online has been updated and streamlined, and now consists of the top ten companies in each major career category. Thousands of other links are kept up-to-date on the book?s companion web site. No longer perceived as a ?link book,? this new editionplaces increased emphasis on the ?how-to? of resume design, writing, and use on the Internet. A new chapter teaches readers how to create and use e-portfolios in their job searches, which is then tied into the...

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