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Janice Nelson

Handbook for Teaching English in Mexico and Central America

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ISBN: 0595161324
Издательство: Writers Club Press
Want to teach English in Mexico? Don’t know where to start? Does Costa Rica sound good? Are there jobs there? Want to drive to Honduras? Is it safe? This ‘Handbook’ will answer these questions and many more. It is afact-filled guide for finding teaching jobs in Mexico and Central America. It describes the job market and gives concrete information about where and how to look. There’s also a mini-course on teaching English to help you in those all-important job interviews. And once you’ve found that job, the ‘Handbook’ provides practical teaching suggestions to help you survive. But it doesn’t stop there. There are four personal commentaries by people who have done just what you want to do. And throughout the ‘Handbook,’ the author draws on her experiences from more than ten years of teaching (and driving) south of the border to give you that edge.
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