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Dennis V. Damp, Dennis Damp

Health Care Job Explosion : High Growth Health Care Careers and Job Locator - 3rd Edition

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ISBN: 0943641209
Издательство: Brookhaven Press
A comprehensive health care Career Guide and JOB FINDER. This ALL-NEW revised third edition steers readers to high growth occupations and provides contact information (over 1,000 resources) for job vacancies and occupational exploration. This edition includes a new Appendix on scholarships and tuition assistance programs, a complete section on medical billing occupations with an expanded section on home health care job opportunities. The Department of Labor projects that jobs in health care will grow by 26 percent (OVER 2,800,000 NEW JOBS) by 2008. Explore high growth health occupations and use this book's resources to find job vacancies and networking contacts. Health Care Job Explosion presents detailed information for all major occupations including: Working conditions, Qualifications,Training & advancement, Certifications and licenses, Employment Opportunities, Job outlook and earnings. This comprehensive career guide and JOB LOCATOR features the following resources for career...
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