Обложка книги HR Strategy: Business Focused Individually Centred

HR Strategy: Business Focused Individually Centred

ISBN: 0750657685;
Издательство: Butterworth-Heinemann

HR Strategy: Business Focused Individually Centred addresses the two key themes of translating business strategy into a workable, measurable HR strategy while simultaneously tapping into the needs and motivational patterns of individual employees in order to unleash their maximum value. The ultimate aim of any HR strategy is to design the highest value organization. Strategy may be a notoriously difficult topic to pin down but the author produces both a wide-angle view and specific examplesof what a real HR strategy looks like in different organizational contexts. This is a book that covers the theory but swiftly moves on to the question of how anyone might actually start to develop a high value HR strategy. It shows the key ingredients and practical steps involved in implementation. * Provides a total re-appraisal and critique of the theory and practice of HR strategy * Incorporates references to companies such as British Airways, GE, Microsoft, Sears, Siebel,...