Обложка книги International Job Finder: Where the Jobs Are Worldwide

International Job Finder: Where the Jobs Are Worldwide

ISBN: 1884587100;
Издательство: SCB Distributors

The first book to offer a breadth of legitimate tools and information for the worldwide job hunt. Get full details on over 1,200 websites, print, and CD-ROM sources of international job openings by country and occupation! Finding international jobs used to be hard, but today the Internet bridges the gaps fo time and distance to bring hundreds of thousands of international job opportunities to your desktop. But it's a cyber-jungle out there with thousands of web sites vying for your attention. The International Job Finder guides you past the hype to over 1,200 of the most effective online -- and offline -- resources for finding international jobs around the globe. The International Job Finder boldly goes where no other career book has gone before. Not only does it identify the 1,200 most effective online and print resources for finding jobs worldwide, it tells you everything each resource offers so you can decide which ones will help you find the international job...