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Paula S. Topolosky

Linking Employee Satisfaction to Business Results (Studies on Industrial Productivity)

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ISBN: 0815334877
Издательство: Garland Publishing
This study investigated the relationship between employee satisfaction and business results. Using data from a Fortune 100 Company, the research examined trends in thirty employee satisfaction variables over a six-year period and identified the relationship of the variables to various corporate and business unit financial metrics. The outcomes of the study suggest that there is a moderately strong positive correlation between an employee's satisfaction with personal development, levels of involvement and participation, use of skills and abilities, promotion practices, and opportunities for a better job and financial indicators of business success. By providing a research prototype, this book serves as a starting point for Human Resource and Business leaders who struggle to identify and to communicate the value of investing in assessing and improving work environments to increase levels of employee satisfaction. As the pace of change increases and the availability to resources...