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Michael Salmon

Supernetworking: Reach the Right People, Build Your Career Network, and Land Your Dream Job-- Now

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ISBN: 1564147002
Издательство: Career Press
SuperNetworking offers explicit directives on how to construct a network designed to achieve specific goals by selecting the targets first and then creating the best links to get there. Salmon explains how to choose the right candidates for a network, extract promises from contacts, establish a mechanism to track progress, and set the standards that will facilitate finding a new job in less time. SuperNetworking shows network-builders how to: Articulate their value proposition and talents to their targetaudience; Target the right people and companies; Conduct research and due diligence; Determine the value they bring to an organization; Properly prepare for interviews; Negotiate the best deal possible for themselves; Develop and maintain a customized program that monitors their progress until they find their next job opportunity; Maintain a network for life.