Обложка книги Supervision Today!, Fourth Edition

Supervision Today!, Fourth Edition


ISBN: 013111820X;
Издательство: Pearson Education

Written by well-respected educators in the field, this skills-focused introduction to supervision captures the reality of supervising in the 2000s. It takes readers on the job by first explaining the job of supervisor, and then featuring a wide range of examples of how supervisors operate in real situations. The focus is on key skills needed for effective supervision?e.g., goal-setting, delegating, budgeting, interviewing, negotiating, counseling, coaching, conducting groups meetings, and handling grievances. Rich in instructional aids and experiential opportunities, it features lots of vignettes and visual stimuli to make concepts come alive. KEY TOPICS A four-part organization covers: an introduction; planning, organizing, staffing, andcontrolling; stimulating individual and group performance; and coping with workplace dynamics. For future supervisors, on-the-job supervisors, and other first-line management personnel.