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Jeff Berner

The Joy of Working from Home: Making a Life While Making a Living

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ISBN: 188105246X, 9781881052463
Издательство: Berrett-Koehler Publishers
Год издания: 2011
Do you work at home, or just dream about it? Jeff Berner shows the current or prospective home-office worker how to set up an efficient home office and provides the support for making this major life change. Both pragmatic and inspiring, The Joy of Working at Home tells how to make a living and a life. Combining detailed, useful information with encouraging advice and anecdotes, the book gives numerous positive examples of individuals who have successfully made the transition. The author-himself a home-worker for many years-provides realistic methods for striking a healthy balance between business and personal life. Drawing on the experiences of many home-based workers, this book helps solve the problems of self-discipline, financial insecurity, isolation, and interruptions. The Joy of Working from Home also addresses the practical aspects of running a business out of a home office, providing useful strategies for creating a business plan, low-cost marketing techniques, tips...