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Mike Rose

The Mind at Work: Physical Work and the Thought It Takes to Do It

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ISBN: 0670032824
Издательство: Viking Books
In the tradition of Barbara Ehrenreich?s Nickel and Dimed and Studs Terkel?s Working , The Mind at Work is an illuminating reassessment of American labor. Testimonials to physical work have always celebrated the dignity, the economic and moral value, even the nobility of blue-collar labor, but rarely the thought required to get the job done right. The lightning-fast organization and mental calculations of the waitress; the complex spatial mathematics of the carpenter; the aesthetic and intellectual dexterity of the hair stylist?our failure to acknowledge or respect these qualities has undermined a large portion of America?s working population. In The Mind at Work award-winning writer Mike Rose sets the record straight by taking a long hard look at the intellectual demands of common work. Integrating personal stories of his own working-class family with interviews, vivid snapshots of people on the job, and current research in social...