Обложка книги The New Workplace and Trade Unionism

The New Workplace and Trade Unionism

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ISBN: 0415116775;
Издательство: International Thomson Business Press

This collection of essays on the `new workplace' brings together two important themes - new management practices and trade unionism, normally weakly linked in theory. By starting from the premise that effective trade unions are essential to the wages andconditions, and democratic rights of working people, the book goes on to show how, as the American experience also has revealed, unions have gradually been forced out of the mainstream of British working life. The volume brings together some highly experienced writers in the field - Storey, Kelly, McKinlay and Taylor - as well as some of the best new researchers from across a number of discipline boundaries. There is a reassessment of `classic' studies of workplace relations, in the context of the new realities, and with its sociological approach, the book discusses the situation of unions in the past, and how, in the future, they should attempt to regain their role of representative institutions, central rather than sidelined, within...

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