Обложка книги The Treasure Hunt: A Complete Guide to Interviewing

The Treasure Hunt: A Complete Guide to Interviewing

ISBN: 1553957938;
Издательство: Not Avail

In The Treasure Hunt. . . A Complete Guide to Interviewing, the author, Brian P. Carey, shares with you the easy to follow steps that are needed to help you uncover the career path that is right for you: "These steps", says Carey, "will lead you to success, financial security, and happiness". Carey demonstrates the steps to success with a creative and unique presentation based on both his personal and career consulting experience. He shows you just how simple it is to take control of your life today! The book includes steps to help you * Learn how to get everything you want by exploring the power of both setting and accomplishing goals. * Discover how to get an interview without sending countless resumes. You will always be a step ahead of everyone else by knowing what the hiring company is looking for. * Find out how to uncover the best industry, company, and career for you without wasting valuable time and energy. * Develop both the knowledge and skills...