Обложка книги The Way of Respect in the Work Place

The Way of Respect in the Work Place

ISBN: 0964826453;
Издательство: Practice Field Publishing

In what way are we called to live amidst our busy world? It is so easy, especially in the work place, to get caught up in the busyness of the day and miss the meaning, lessons and joy in it. The majority of adults spend more waking hours at work than wedo in their own homes. The quality of the work place is forming the quality of our homes and our lives. If the work place is not healthy, what are we saying about the health of this society? The purpose of the Place Within Series is to invite brief reflections that connect us to the heart, the soul, the place within. It is the place of peace, silence, wisdom, love, compassion and the source of energy and nourishment. It is a place of hope, always with us, regardless of the external chaos or the extremes that surround us each day at work. When we go within, we are able to reach out and return to the world our strengths and hopes that reflect the unseen capacity of ourselves and an evolving humanity. A unique CD is now available...