Обложка книги So, You Want to be a Wrestling Promoter?

So, You Want to be a Wrestling Promoter?

ISBN: 1591099498;
Издательство: Imprint Books

Book Description"So You Want to be a Wrestling Promoter ?", written by "The Equalizer" Ric Drasin, is the most detailed book ever written about professional wrestling promoting. This book will inform the reader on the business aspects of owning and operating a wrestling company. There is a wealth of information on the Athletic Commission, insurance, liability, as well as tips on purchasing wrestling equipment such as title belts and rings. Everything you need to know to be a success in this sport is here. Not only is "The Equalizer" a successful wrestler and actor but he has also operated a popular wrestling promotion in Southern California. Facts about Ric Drasin: - was Arnold Schwarzenegger's training partner for 4 years -designed the world famous Gold's Gym logo - was the 'Demi-Hulk' (the middle Hulk) on the Incredible Hulk television program - Won wrestling's World Title -Appeared in numerous television shows, motion pictures, commercials and print ads - operates...