Обложка книги Access : Introduction to Travel and Tourism

Access : Introduction to Travel and Tourism

ISBN: 140180988X;
Издательство: Thomson Delmar Learning

Book Description This introduction to all sectors of the travel industry gives readers a sturdy foundation for all future travel studies. It reviews major travel brands that have become staple parts of the industry landscape, and it delves into the implications of Internet travel sales. The highly practical treatment of the material ensures that readers understand all the facts, insights and insider knowledge needed to succeed in the travel business. The author has taken an ?evergreen? approach in writing this book, ensuring that its content will not become obsolete in a swiftly changing sales, service and marketing environment. The user-friendly format uses multiple headings, boldface and italicized items, bullet points, photos, sidebars and charts thatreinforce learning. Finally, questions for consideration and entertaining, creative activities reinforce the material in each chapter.