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Colleen A. Sabatino

The Play of Your Life: Your Program for Finding the Career of Your Dreams--And a Step-by-Step Guide to Making It a Reality

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ISBN: 1579549640
Издательство: Rodale Books
Год издания: 2004
Book Description Play of Your Life is not just a how-to it is your own portable career-coach. While other books may promise to help you land the job of your dreams, Colleen Sabatino trumps that. She opens your eyes to the possibilities you've not yet imagined. The book offers a 2-step program. Part One guides readers through a series of engaging self-assessment quizzes and diagnostic steps to help each individual recognize their dream and translate that into a career path. Part Two is master class on the tactical steps toward making that dream a reality. Colleen Sabatino is enjoying nationwide recognition as a career counselor. Her seminars and corporate consulting sessions are so popular that MBA programs are planning to adopt her book as part of their curriculum. From setting the stage, to crafting the life-script that will open the necessary doors, Sabatino's program affords the secret to becoming a star in your own life.
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