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Harold Brickel

Atten-TION: A Field Guide to What Your Country Can Do For YOU!

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ISBN: 0974855308
Издательство: TFG Press
Год издания: 2005
Book DescriptionI Want You -- To Read This Book! I am Drill Sergeant Harold Brickel and I'm not going to lie: I want you -- to read this book. Over the course of our time together, you are going to find that I am very enthusiastic about those things I care the most about, and one of those things is the U.S. Army. I know what you're thinking: "What is this guy, an Army Recruiter?" Well, I am not. I am just passionate about what I write and have no professional gain from you enlisting other than assisting in keeping the principles of freedom for which this great country stands. However, this book is designed to show you just what the U.S. Army can offer you, personally, professionally, emotionally, and even spiritually. Here is a list of the benefits and features you can expect to get from this book: * What the U.S. Army can do for you * How the U.S. Army stacks up against today's top corporations * How you can find the right job for YOU ... in the U.S. Army * What it...
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