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Margaret Malewski

GenXpat: The Young Professional's Guide To Making A Successful Life Abroad

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ISBN: 1931930236
Издательство: Intercultural Press
Год издания: 2005
Book DescriptionGenXpat: The Young Professional?s Guide to Making a Successful Life Abroad is the first guide written for the new generation of young, internationally and culturally mobile professionals. These young professionals from "Generation X"? the generation most broadly defined as between the ages of 24 and 39 ? are more than 62 million nationwide* and have their own unique set of challenges. Often single and in the earlier stages of their careers, GenXpats tend to go into their expat experience dramatically unprepared and underserved. Wrapped up in fast-paced careers that increasingly involve travel and frequent international relocation, many young people find themselves bouncing from one exotic assignment to another at the cost of work/life balance, meaningful relationships and a sense of continuity or connection. Margaret Malewski, who has lived the "GenXpat" life, wrote GenXpat to help young professionals achieve the personal fulfillment they need to...
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