Обложка книги Reaching Your Potential: Concise Edition

Reaching Your Potential: Concise Edition

ISBN: 1401881890;
Издательство: Thomson Delmar Learning

Book Description Reaching Your Potential, Concise Edition is your guide to personal success. This unique text uses a holistic approach to personal development and actively involves readers in improving their intellectual, emotional, physical, and socialpotential. An interesting feature of the text include ?Whatever It Takes? motivational stories of individuals who have overcome difficulties and achieved success; and For You to Consider, an expanded discussion of high-interest topics with directions for additional research on the Internet. Revised to include a new approach to problem-solving; new material on the USDA Dietary Guidelines and Food Guide Pyramid; new sections on cell phone do?s and don?ts and the norms of classroom behavior; and new content on coping with stress, this text is a must-have resource for those seeking to increase their personal potential.