Обложка книги Targeting a Great Career (Five O'Clock Club)

Targeting a Great Career (Five O'Clock Club)

ISBN: 1418015040;
Издательство: Thomson Delmar Learning

Book Description Landing the job of your dreams means you need to have a dream to begin with. Targeting a Great Career helps you identify that dream . . . make it specific . . . and figure out step by step how you can achieve it. Kate Wendleton and The Five O?Clock Club have already helped tens of thousands of job hunters across the country discover what they?re best at, what they love doing, and how they can turn their vision into reality. Exercises throughout the book allow readers to picture what theywant their life to be like in the future and what they can do today to make their dreams come true. The celebrated Five O?Clock Club method involves work ... lots of work. And much of that work is research?research on the lnternet into the areas you have targeted; Targeting a Great Career is filled with strategies and tips that can help you achieve your goals.