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Buy a Business Close to Home

ISBN: 0943911141;
Издательство: Greysmith Publishing

Buy a Business Close to Home, The Secret to Building Wealth Why not enjoy your work as you build your wealth? There are many ways to become a business owner ... to be your own boss. Most everyone has thought about it, but few do it. People are so consumed by the effort to stay employed and duck the downswing that they don't ever get around to securing their future. If you read the book "The Millionaire Next Door" you know that owning a business generates more wealth than big salaries and fancy titles. But, studies show that only 10% of the people who set out to do it ever succeed in buying or starting a business . This book will show you how to become one of those 10% who make it through the confusing maze. It will take you from being a dreamer on theside lines to being an informed buyer with a plan. How the deals are done How to finance the purchase How to find the right business for you How to reduce the risk and secure your future How a good business buys itself If you really...

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