Обложка книги Disaster Management and Preparedness

Disaster Management and Preparedness


ISBN: 156670524X;
Издательство: Lewis Publishers, Inc.

By watching the daily news or reading a newspaper, we quickly understand that disasters happen regularly. They take many forms, ranging from natural disasters such as tornadoes, to man-made disasters such as workplace violence. No matter what type, the results are usually the same: substantial loss of life, money, assets, and productivity. Disaster Management and Preparedness details a new and innovative method for preparing companies and organizations to address the substantial risk of disasters in theworkplace. It encompasses not only the tried and true tactics used by safety experts for decades but also focuses on areas often overlooked during the reactive and post disaster phases. Technological progress and terrorist activities has forced safety professionals to rethink their modus operandi for disaster preparedness and expand their proactive measures to safeguard assets on all levels and at all times.From natural disasters to acts of terrorism, you never know when something...