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Peter Vervest, Al Dunn

How to Win Customers in the Digital World: Total Action or Fatal Inaction

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ISBN: 3540665757
Издательство: Springer-Verlag
What is so important about today's digital business technologies? Why is digitization so important? Why is the Internet making such a tremendous impact? What should organizations and individuals do? How to Win Customers in the Digital World presents a template for seizing the opportunities of the new digital business technologies. It discusses the impact that technology will have on individuals, whether they are users, senior managers, strategists, marketers, or sales directors. Six real-life cases are presented to demonstrate both the power and risks of the digital business technologies. The authors introduce Total Action concepts and methodologies - where businesses or government agencies make every activity inside their organization directlyrelevant for their customers. These winning organizations use technology to make front-line people the point of decision making; to unlock information about customers; and to manage the fulfillment of their commitments. The...