Обложка книги Managing Your E-Commerce Business, Second Edition

Managing Your E-Commerce Business, Second Edition

ISBN: 0735612757;
Издательство: Microsoft Press

What are the keys to a winning e-commerce site? If you're an entrepreneur launching a new venture, or you're expanding your brick-and-mortar business to the Web, this book can help you make the right decisions to compete-and prosper-in the digital marketplace. MANAGING YOUR E-COMMERCE BUSINESS, Second Edition packs the expert guidance needed to build and run a dot-com or business-to-business (B2B) solution using Microsoft(r) technologies and services. It's a business guide-not a technical reference-but you'll get conversant enough in the technology to be able to choose the right tools and vendors to support your initiatives. Discussion covers everything from creating a business plan to organizing the structure and content of your site, online brand-building strategies, legal issues, site maintenance, and customer service. In addition, this book's critically praised first edition, Small Business Solutions for E-Commerce, has been updated with the latest information on XML, wireless...