Обложка книги Motivating People in Lean Organizations

Motivating People in Lean Organizations

ISBN: 0750633751; 9780750633758;
Издательство: Butterworth-Heinemann
Страниц: 320

Shortlisted for the prestigious Management Consultancies Association (MCA) best management book of the year, 1997. Motivating People in Lean Organizations is the essential guide for managers who need to motivate employees and promote new forms of career development. In organizations that have been delayered, career progression is often stunted. The best talent may jump ship at a time when they're most needed, leaving less capable employees to fill the space. This book focuses on: implementation of motivational strategies, appropriate internal communications, new career development structures, reward and recognition of achievement. Motivating People in Lean Organizations is idea for HR/training managers and directors. Line managers,team leaders and internal communications managers will also find this of great benefit. Linda Holbeche is Director of Research at Roffey Park Management Institute. She has been studying career development in organizations with...

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