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Theo J. N. M. De Bruijn, Arnold Tukker

Partnership and Leadership: Building Alliances for a Sustainable Future (ECO-EFFICIENCY IN INDUSTRY AND SCIENCE)

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ISBN: 1402004311
Издательство: Kluwer Academic Publishers
Sustainable development has become a central perspective in environmental strategies around the world. It is clear that neither governments nor businesses have the capability to bring about sustainability on their own. Therefore, collaboration has emerged as a central concept. At the same time it is obvious that someone has to take the lead in the development towards sustainability. This book focuses on different forms of collaboration emerging between various actors. The objective of the book is to moresystematically explore the different roles and relationships between partnership and leadership. Basically, both partnership and leadership can be seen in a positive and negative way: for example, as far as partnership is concerned, we can assume that the path towards sustainability can be paved by parties coming together, taking some initiative collaborating. On the opposite, partnership and consensus-based decisions can be seen as an obstacle to foster radical changes in production...