Обложка книги Systems Approaches to Management

Systems Approaches to Management

ISBN: 0-306-46506-X; 0-306-46500-0;
Издательство: Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers
Страниц: 468

Systems Thinking is a new paradigm set to revolutionize management practice in the 21st century. Systems Approaches to Management is the most comprehensive guide available to the application of this new paradigm in the field of management. Traces the emergence of holistic thinking in disciplines such as biology, control engineering, sociology and the natural sciences; Details and provides a critique, based upon social theory, of the range of systems approaches, methodologies, models and methods; Offers numerous case studies to illustrate systems thinking applied to management; Introduces critical systems thinking' as a coherent framework that brings unity to the diversity of different systems approaches and advises managers, consultants, scholars and students on their use; Provides an accessible source of inspiration for managers, management consultants, scholars and students. Covers chaos and complexity theory, the learning organization,...