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William Emmons III

The Evolving Bargain: Strategic Implications of Deregulation and Privatization

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ISBN: 0875849016
Издательство: Harvard Business School Press
Managing Opportunity and Risk in the New Market Economy Over the last two decades, deregulation and privatization have swept the globe, opening up a wide range of markets to private investment and heightened competition. But while the government's role in these sectors has diminished, it has not disappeared-a critical factor companies must consider as they seek to exploit burgeoning opportunities in these markets. The Evolving Bargain provides the first in-depth look at the impact of deregulation and privatization on managers' strategic agendas in industries around the world. Emmons emphasizes that these reforms are not one-time events, but dynamic processes that shape the ongoing relationship, or bargain, between governments and affected enterprises. He also shows how the contexts of both industry and country influence a firm's strategic options and performance outcomes within its evolving bargain. Based on extensive research and interviews with over 150...