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Ronald M. Shapiro, Mark A. Jankowski, Ronald M. Shapiro, Mark A. Jankowski

The Power of Nice: How to Negotiate So Everyone Wins- Especially You!, Revised Edition

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ISBN: 0471080721
Издательство: Wiley
Top 10 "On the job" Business Book ?The Library Journal One of the most successful dealmakers in the sports industry presents his unique negotiating strategies "Ron Shapiro?s new book is insightful and entertaining. The lessons he learned and the methods he uses should be required reading for anyone whose business relies on the art of negotiation. Ron never forgets that treating people with respect and fairness is the key to success. Ron and Mark have been helping our companyfor many years?I guess we won?t need them anymore?they put it all in their book."?Charles M. Cawley, Chief Executive Officer, MBNA America Bank, NA "In the field of negotiation, Ron Shapiro has always been regarded as the quintessence of class and integrity. Predictably, he and Mark Jankowski have written a compelling book filled with anecdotes and insights. The Power of Nice is a fascinating and useful book that is a must read for anyone who wants to...