Обложка книги The Welch Way : 24 Lessons From The Worlds Greatest CEO

The Welch Way : 24 Lessons From The Worlds Greatest CEO


ISBN: 0071429530; 9780071429535;
Издательство: McGraw-Hill

How to put Jack Welch's ideas and tactics to work in any career or organization Jack Welch became one of history's most admired and successful CEOs by rewriting the rules of leadership and letting hands-on, frontline employees--instead of bureaucrats --tell him what needed to be done. The Welch Way distills Welch's management style into a fast-moving, hard-hitting plan for leadership success, one that will help anyone reach the top in virtually any professional setting. Detailed yet accessible, The Welch Way is filled with Welch quotes and insights, action ideas, and other unique and innovative features. Business leaders as well as those who aspire to the mantle of leadership will get the inside story on how Welch was able to: Use change as a competitive weapon Make ideas rule Articulate a vision Set stretch goals Spark others to perform

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