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Alexis Gutzman

Unforeseen Circumstances : Strategies and Technologies for Protecting Your Business and Your People in a Less Secure World

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ISBN: 0814471587, 9780814471586
Издательство: American Management Association
Год издания: 2011
Unforeseen Circumstances addresses the changes that companies must make to prevent crippling losses in the wake of sudden events. This timely and crucial book takes executives through an array of alternative strategies and new technologies in vital areas such as: * Employee safety and security: in-depth interviews with security professionals on facing both traditional and unconventional threats; plus new developments like paperless mail, fingerprint and voice recognition, retinal scanning, and other biometric identification techniques * Operational strategy: organizational changes; reducing reliance on plant- and infrastructure-based workplace models; rethinking sales, marketing, and project management; minimizing costs and risks of air travel; succession planning. * Communications and information: technologies for virtual and teleconferenced meetings, webcast presentations, and desktop-based training; plus advances in remote data storage, secure information transfer,...