Обложка книги Living, Leading, and the American Dream

Living, Leading, and the American Dream

ISBN: 0787966789; 9780787966782;
Издательство: Jossey-Bass
Страниц: 272

Book Description "Liberty and duty, freedom and responsibility. That's the deal. " John W. Gardner's life was dedicated to revitalizing the American Dream, a dream that must be recreated by each generation of caring citizens as they reshape it to meet the unrolling future. Now more than ever, citizens must step up and take action to create the world in which we want to live. Living, Leading, and the American Dream is an inspiration— and a call to action. Beginning with an exploration of Gardner's life and values in his own words, this stirring and engaging collection shares Gardner's vision on personal renewal, community, leadership, and civic engagement. The essays and speeches collected in this transformational volume are founded on Gardner's belief that we as a people want freedom— freedom at home as well as a world where freedom is possible. They are founded on his deep belief in the dignity and worth of the individual and his unshakable resolve to...