Обложка книги Start Your Own Medical Claims Billing Service (Entrepreneurs Magazine Startup)

Start Your Own Medical Claims Billing Service (Entrepreneurs Magazine Startup)

ISBN: 1891984802;
Издательство: Entrepreneur Press; 1 edition
Страниц: 200

Low Startup Requirements Make This a Great Homebased Business Americans now spend about $1 trillion a year on health care and the bill is sent out to collect every dollar. Why is that important to you? Because doctors have trouble collecting what is owed to them by patients, insurance companies, medical groups and hospitals. They're buried in paperwork, complicated Medicare and Medicaid documents and insurance forms they must deal with daily. What's the remedy? More and more doctors are paying billing experts to handle their paperwork. This creates a growing niche for entrepreneurs who are experts at tunneling their way through the paper avalanche. As a billing specialist, you will help clients fill out claims forms to make sure patients get all the benefits they rightly deserve; then you'll transmit claims electronically, directly into the computers of HMO and Medicare, short-cutting the handwork that slows down many claims and gaining automatic priority over claims submitted on...