Обложка книги Meetings Made Easy (Made Easy)

Meetings Made Easy (Made Easy)

ISBN: 1932531246;
Издательство: Entrepreneur Press

Book Description Learn to break the pattern of ineffective and costly meetings! Everyone who has ever attended a meeting has struggled at one time or another with how to make meetings more productive. Author and professional facilitator Frances A. Micale offers step-by-step instruction on how to determine when a meeting is needed, shortcuts to creating and sticking to a results-driven agenda, how to conduct an orderly conference call, and much more. For bosses and first-time managers alike, the tips in this book provide new ways to share information and come to decisions without wasting time, money, and energy. Topics include: Creating objectives and agendas Establishing and reinforcing ground rules to keep participants on track Facilitating discussions Conflict management and resolution tips Also included are meeting self-evaluation forms, case studies, work sheets, and planning forms.

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