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Tanja Crouch, Tanja L. Crouch

100 Careers in Film and Television

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ISBN: 0764121642
Издательство: Barron's Educational Series
Nearly everybody wants to get into the movies or be on television?and here's the book that shows them how! Every year, thousands of students graduate from film schools, then settle in major centers of film and TV activity?mainly Los Angeles or New York. This book is a practical guide to help these newcomers launch their careers. Not everybody can be a star actor or director, but the closely related film and television industries offer exciting, financially rewarding careers in scores of affiliated fields. Here are just some that are discussed in this book, which also gives practical advice on how to make contacts and get job offers: Talent Agent. . . Apprentice Editor. . . Art Director. . . Assistant Cameraman . . . Assistant Director . . . Costume Designer . . . Director of Photography . . . Film Editor . . . Gaffer . . . Music Mixer . . . Production Assistant . . . Stage Manager . . . Storyboard Artist . . . and many more. In addition to career advice, the...
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