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Priscilla H. Claman

Ask... How to Get What You Want and Need at Work

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ISBN: 0939532026
Издательство: Insights
This practical, timely book can be your coach in learning this essential workplace skill -- and the key to finding both happiness and success at work. Ask... shows you how to plan to ask, the most effective ways to ask, the possible answers and what they really mean. The book also tackles what to do if you are the one being asked. The author, Priscilla Claman, is a recognized expert in the field of career coaching and organization behavior. Using stories of people she has worked with, Priscilla illustrates each point clearly and makes it easy to apply the examples to your own situation. Ask... is an essential book for everyone who works, whether you are straight out of school, an associate, a middle manager, or the CEO of your organization.
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