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Ronald H. Carpenter

Choosing Powerful Words: Eloquence That Works (Part of the Essence of Public Speaking Series)

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ISBN: 0205271243
Издательство: Pearson Education
Discover the stylistic techniques behind influential speeches! Design speeches so that listeners anticipate key words Depart from the common idiom by using "rhetorical shorthand" Create credibility without a publicity advantage Under the influence of the media, it is easy to forget the tremendous impact of the speaker on an audience. Today's media enables speakers who once addressed hundreds in auditoriums to increase their public to millions through television. Dr. Carpenter's relevant research and careful scholarship about how to pick the best words and arrange them in the best orders will help the speaker become a stylist and slogan-maker whose sentences may become sound bites on the evening news or quoted in newspaper accounts the day after the speech has been made. This book prepares speakers to potentially change one little corner of the world - and perhaps the world itself -- through powerful words. Ronald...
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