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Jason McClure

How to Find Your Dream Job and Make It a Reality: Solutions for a Meaningful and Rewarding Career

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ISBN: 1412005388
Издательство: Not Avail
Life is too fragile to get less than what you deserve in your career. Since your career is what you do to make a living, you may have suspected that a job should be more than what you do for a paycheck; it should be what you do to make a difference. If you have ever thought that, this extraordinary book is about to prove you right! A life without direction is a life without passion. This dynamic resource guides you, not to another unsatisfying job, but to a richly rewarding career rooted in your heart's desire. By investing in this life-changing resource you will learn how to recapture the youthful passion and goals you once had. It gives you the tools to overcome the obstacles that stand in your way and that inhibit your success. By investing in this resource you are deciding what you want to be, and you are deciding to live you dreams forever! In this resource you will learn: * How to Develop Job Ideas and Leads. How to Determine If Your Job Idea is the Ideal Job. *...
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